Thursday, July 16, 2009

Society and Culture Task.

My name is Rebekah Grace and I am almost seventeen years of age. I am just over 5ft tall, I am stubborn, I believe that Jesus died for my sins and I have an uncanny infatuation with the colour yellow. I have never left Australia, only travelled to Queensland, respect people who live their lives to the full and sometimes like to awkwardly dance in the rain.

I love writing, reading, sport and church. These four things are my main interests and they are therefore a giant part of my life. I admire many writers (such as Jodi Picoult) who are able to take small things and make them sound completely beautiful. It’s something I wish I could do. A quality I like to think I have is that of humour. I think that if everyone laughed a little longer, then things would be okay.

I have a blanket that I acquired when I was younger. I’m almost never without it. I guess I’m pretty attached to it. Another item of mine that rarely leaves my side is my Kleenex box. I’m sick a lot. A major skill that I posses is the ability to whistle through my nose. It sounds like a train. Also, I am a vegetarian. I respect vegetarianism. I am lactose intolerant. I hate it. My friends and family mean the world to me and I have decided that I am happy.


  1. Excellent decision there at the end Roo! I already think you "take small things and make them sound completely beautiful." I've already read many examples and expect to see many more even possibly one of your own books on the shelf next to Jodi Picoult's. Now we just have to figure out how to get rid of that Kleenex box! :) HBro

  2. My name is Karlee Kayann and I'm also almost 17 years of age. I love the color lime green & this amazing place called Australia.

    basically, RebekahGrace+KarleeKayann= amazingly kindred spirits. :]

    love you, dearest.

  3. You are an amazing soul. Please continue to tell truths in your writing, so may of us feel we must not for fear of breaking the world that is already broken, truth heals and good writers heal over great distances. You have the talent that can heal continents.