Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Precious Treasures

I want to be that age again; the age where you don't feel embarrassed to be seen holding your daddy's hand walking down the street. You don't feel completely humiliated when you are seen holding your blankie and sucking your thumb. You don't feel uncomfortable, or nervous to ask your mother to tuck you into bed and gently stroke your hair until you fall asleep. You can be seen wearing an Elmo shirt in public, share your ice cream with your dog and you're utterly oblivious to how bad the world can be. Your mother's lipstick looks cute, not ridiculous on you and butterfly kisses are obviously a daily ritual.

So many things I should have treasured a little bit more.

1 comment:

  1. Oh Bek, I think we all feel the same wway. CHildhoood is soooooo fleeting that we don't realise it's gone until we are adults, then look back in despair and wish it wasn't so.

    Btw: did your dog ever let you have any of that ice cream or did he gulp it down himself? My dog loved ice cream - he obviously thought he liked it more than I.