Friday, July 10, 2009

Fight or Flight.

This week I asked God to help me learn from the things around me, the situations that happen, the things that people say.

My dog.

Never think you would learn anything from a dog, right?

His name is Jay Jay.

Jay Jay has this intense disliking of vacuum cleaners. If one comes near him, he snaps, biting, growling, barking.
So today when I was vacuuming and it came near the back door, he did just that. But after a few snaps at the glass and he realised his howling and growling wasn't getting him anywhere, he just removed himself from the situation, went and laid down in the sun without a second glance and left me to complete my vacuuming in peace.

When YOU get into an argument with someone, do you bite back snapping? Or do you leave straight away and don't get involved? It's not flight or fight. It's something that is unnecessary.



  1. You should write a book called The Wisdom Of Jay Jay little sister!

  2. Dogs are wise and wonderful. I second Harry's suggestion. The Wisedom of Jay Jay could be a best seller.

  3. [I like how you implicate the reader in your writing ... lol..]
    It's bizzarely awesome how you can take something like vacuming and turn it into a profound social comment.
    JayJay is the sex.

  4. Wise beyond your years. Is there an echo in here? ;)