Tuesday, July 14, 2009

OCD and other spiderwebs.

"I have CDO. It's like OCD, except all the letters are in the right order - LIKE THEY SHOULD BE!"
Funny quote, eh?
I have often read in magazines stories of teenagers who feel they have to wash their hands a certain number of times. Or have to do the exact same amount of situps every day. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder - everything must be right, perfect. The same. It's something I have never really understood - how people could go to such extremes. But then last night, I was looking at my bookshelf. Sure, it was unorganised, but by no means terrible. I couldn't resist it though. I walked to my bookshelf, pulled every friggen book off the shelves and organised them into different piles - a 'like' pile, a 'dislike' pile and an 'old' pile. I stacked them up so they fit properly and then yawned. Looking down at my watch, I realised it was 20 minutes to midnight ... what the hell was I doing? I hopped into bed. I realised my cupboard was slightly ajar. I got out of bed. I shut the cupboard. I zipped up my school bag so it didn't piss me off. I jumped back into bed and proceeded to stare at the ceiling for an hour.
It's all well and good for us to not understand why people do what they do, until we're doing the exact same things that they're doing.
Sorry. Not so uplifting.


  1. :)
    You also have two words together that are the same colour..
    "I have never really understood" - have never.
    Wasn't going to say anything, but then i couldn't stop myself.

  2. Yep, you are right. We are quick to judge but unfortunately the mirror occassionally points our way and we see ourselves for the same as the people we were belittling only moments before.
    As for the books, than anally-retentive, not OCD!!!

  3. One can empathize without really understanding. I think you have a knack for that.

    When I give change to someone, I find myself organizing the coins in order of size. I have to do it. I guess we all have little "quirks". :D

  4. i have to count to 16 before I go into my room.
    & every crack in the blinds on my window MUST be closed before I can go to bed.
    & I have to eat an even number of anything, gummyworms, cheese crackers, frenchfries...etc.

    it's the silly little things.