Friday, February 6, 2009

About Me :)

I used to think that there were so many words that described me, like loud and crazy, happy-go-lucky, but really I’ve come to think that no one should be defined or bound by certain words. Sometimes I can be shy too, but I guess that’s something you wouldn’t really expect. There are days I want to live life to the full and there are other times when I just want to stay in bed all day. I’m not really a fan of the city; I’ve always been a country bumpkin, I’ve always been scared of the beach, I’ve always been a big procrastinator and I’ve always been stubborn.

I’m very indecisive, I hate making choices and sometimes I try to make others make the decision for me. I’m a vegetarian, my favourite colour is red and I love shoe shopping. I’m a book worm, a prolific talker, a lover of life, of flowers, of chances, of love. I hate being nasty to people, I hate others being nasty to people and I wish I could sort the world’s problems out.

I don’t like milk, I’m short, I adore dancing when no one is watching and singing when no one can hear ... Sometimes I wish I would never grow old because I get scared of the future and what’s to come. I’m a big fan of smiley faces, of kiddie TV shows, of rainbows, Eskimos and fairy floss. I
also eat way too many orange tic tacs.

I love being around other people, but I also love being alone. I couldn’t imagine a world without friends, or colours, ribbons, bags or stationary.

I’m scared to live, and I’m scared to die which means I’m pretty screwed.

I always think of the worst possible scenario, which generally means I’m left holding the bags while friends go and enjoy themselves.

I love rain, innocence and writing. I hope all three of those stay with me forever.


  1. And you are also a child of my heart :)


  2. Hey there bumpkin.
    You're amazing.

  3. ooooohhh this makes you GREAT :D

  4. Wow....there's soo much we have in common!